Connecting the digital and physical customer experience
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Creating a connected digital and physical customer experience

Can automation really replace humans in customer interactions?

If your business is not digital-ONLY, chances are you’ve had to adapt to bring digital to the forefront. However, it’s not enough to have a good physical presence and a good separate digital experience. Customers expect the entire journey to be connected and consistent. This ebook will explain:

  • Why customer service must be personalized
  • Tips to blend digital and physical to create the best customer experience for your business
  • Tools to make it easy to provide great customer service

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A new way to improve customer service

Pigeon is a new customer interaction platform made for businesses and customers alike. We bring everything you need to wow your customers into a single platform.


Interact directly with customers and team members


Send announcements, loop in teammates and analyze data


Prioritize and archive cases, manage other business processes